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They are great people to work with and they care about what they do
Thanks for putting forth the effort to get parts in my hands.
We’re very happy with what they’re doing for us. We had a significant pricing issue last year that they helped us fix.
I’ve been to the facility a couple of times. It is a nice operation.
Metalcut has always been a great supplier for me and I appreciate all you guys do- your responsiveness and flexibility to help me out.
They are doing a great job - no complaints. Keep up the good work.
Thank you Metalcut for expediting parts thru ASAP; same day service from your door directly to ours.
We have a good relationship, so if there is a problem, we can easily resolve it.
We are very happy with their service, quality, communication, and they have been great partners
Thanks to you and your team for making this happen. This is truly an example of great customer service.
I visited the facility. The facility was phenomenal, up-to-date, great technology and that is part of the reason why we chose them.
We are really being pushed to cost save by our parent company. Metalcut is right there on price.