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The Metalcut Products Inc’s engineering team is ready to collaborate with you on your most challenging CNC machined part design obstacles. Experts at Designing for Manufacturability, we encourage your engineering staff to leverage our team’s complete understanding of machine capabilities and materials (such as: ASTM514 plate and bar, carbon steel, copper, brass, aluminum plate & bar, grey & ductile iron castings or bar, as well as aluminum castings) to deliver cost effective engineered solutions for production of your precision machined components.

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A variety of engineering programs utilized to best suit our customers

Focused on innovation and automation

Part of your team and able to work with you to solve machining challenges

Invested in improving processes

At Metalcut Products, we use forward thinking to focus on taking customer’s manufacturing challenges and providing them with practical solutions from conception to production for their machining needs. In reviewing your specifications, prints, models, and documentation requirements, our experts pay meticulous attention to detail before your work ever reaches the production floor of our facility. Our forward focus ensures customer satisfaction and quality results.